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How to Quadruple Your Reading Speed Within 15 Days or Less

Reading can be an excruciating process especially if you have little time or little energy after a busy day. However, it’s essential to read as much as you can to increase your knowledge and in effect double your success or progress in life.

Did you know that it’s possible to double your reading speed if not quadruple it within few weeks of training?

Claims of doubling your reading speed or even quadrupling it might sound too good to be true. However, some of the Google geniuses and folks like Tim Ferriss and Jonathan Levy have been reading at high speed (as much as 1000+ word per minute) for a while now. So, if they can do it, why can’t you? What ninja training have they employed to acquire such skill?

Luckily, It’s All Practice!

If you look at the movies or read an article about the autistic kids, you’ll find that they tend to be good in certain things. For example, some are extremely good in doing calculations, recognizing patterns or recall an imagery in great detail. Fortunately, you don’t have to be born with such skill, and you can develop your mind and brain to read faster.

Does Speed Reading Cost You Comprehension?

One of the major concerns and the challenge I had with speed reading was the lack of comprehension. Although I learned English since kindergarten, it’s wasn’t my first language. So, when you add speed reading on top of a language you are slightly weak in, the experience can be quite frustrating. However, to my surprise, when I applied the secret trick, it not only boosted my reading speed but I was able to recall and understand the materials I was reading. My progress in speed reading might differ from yours. You might do better than me, and you should notice a significant gain if you stick to the tricks outlined below.

Why Don’t Schools Teach Us These Techniques?

If these tricks are so impressive, then why schools don’t teach us these techniques? The answer is simple; they just don’t know! Schools and colleges hire teachers or professors for their expertise in a specific subject area. And that doesn’t necessarily mean they know or care about other aspects of life. For instance, you might find it necessary to read ten books in a week, but someone else might not see it the same way. So, even if such techniques existed for a very long time, they just never went mainstream, or your teachers just were not aware of such possibilities.

Back in High School one of my English teachers said I lack writing skills or it’s not as good as she hoped it could be. But my writing improved a lot after practicing and writing many blog posts, and research papers. So, same with reading. As you read more books and practice the speed reading techniques below, you will skyrocket your progress, and you will be able to read more of what you want with rapid succession.

How to Prepare for Speed Reading?

The first step to speed reading is to…

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