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— Jim Rohn
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How to Have Unlimited Confidence

How to Have Unlimited Confidence Video Transcript:

Hi there,

Welcome and thank you very much for watching this video.

Today, I will talk about confidence and how you can develop the courage to do anything you want to do.

Whether you are afraid of public speaking, talking to strangers, afraid to take risks or scared of anything, the technique below will help you very much.

Here are the items I will cover in today’s video:

First, we will look at what is not confidence

Next, You will learn how confidence forms.

and How you can develop inner confidence

So, let’s get started.

What is Not Confidence?

Almost everyone believes that confidence is something you are born with or you develop after doing more challenging work. To an extent, it’s true. However, there is a small problem with this notion.

If you look at a group of children below the ages 5, you will notice most of them are very active and usually don’t back down from anything, and they are always happy playing.

But if you notice the same children when they are 10 or 11 years old, you will find a few of them not as confident as the others.

If confidence were something we are born with, then we wouldn’t lose faith as we get older or due to adverse experiences. And similarly, if self-confidence was just a result of taking action then all you would need was take action.

So, I want to emphasize that confidence could be something you develop after you challenge yourself but the action itself isn’t what’s breeding confidence. There’s something else at work.

Confidence is like building your muscles. If you work out daily, eat right, and take all those proteins, you surely will add a bit of muscle to your body, but you need to get enough sleep every single day and give your body rest after a workout to start building muscles. Developing confidence works the same way, doing mindless challenging work after another might give you a little bit of confidence but that will not necessarily give you confidence in other tasks.

So, now that you know confidence isn’t something necessarily that comes after doing mindless work but there’s something else at work, let’s see what develops inner confidence.

Confidence is a firm belief you have within you about your abilities. So, no matter what task you are dealing with, if you have a firm conviction that you are good enough, you are smart enough, and you will figure a way out of whatever challenge you have, you will almost instantly get a taste of confidence.

You certainly can get good at anything with practice. But if you want to have confidence in anything then you must convince yourself first that you are confident. You must convince yourself that you are smart, you are capable, you can get strong, and you can reach whatever goal you have in your mind.

And the way you do that is by asking just two questions and doing a straightforward exercise. Think of any task you are putting off, or you’re afraid to do. Now, ask yourself on a scale of 1 to 10, how confident do you feel? Now, ask yourself, why are you afraid to take action? Are you afraid of something that’s imaginary or are you physically unable to do so because of real danger in front of you? Odds are very well that you are not taking action because you have cooked up an imaginary scenario in your head. Just by questioning your fears, you will break its legs. And the next step is to convince yourself why you are self-reliant.

In school, you probably wrote a lot of papers, essays and short stories about various topics. When is the last time you wrote something about yourself, reminding yourself all those accomplishments you have achieved so far? Get a paper or on your laptop, write a full page essay describing all your accomplishments, all those times you have succeeded, all those time you amazed people, and all those time you felt like a rockstar. I am willing to bet, not only you will feel more confident but you will have the courage to aim for much bigger things in life.

Don’t cheat yourself by not doing this exercise. Stop watching this video, don’t worry about sharing or adding a lovely comment. Write a paper or type on your laptop all the times you were confident and convince yourself why you are good enough to face any challenge on your own! Do that now!

I hope you found this video useful and if you have any questions or comments, please post them below. Oh, one more thing, if you liked this video and only if you did the short exercise I asked you to do, please share this video. It will help me grow this channel and reach more people!

Enjoy your day, take care!

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