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How to Be More Creative

How to Have Thousands of Creative Ideas Every Day

Gone are the days of doing routine tasks or repetitive work. Nowadays, if you want to make a significant amount of progress or advancements in your life, you need to get your creative juices flowing by flexing your creative muscles. It’s easier said than done, primarily when schools will not necessarily teach you these techniques. Fortunately for you, you can get access to one of the most effective creative method below.

Why Rely on Creativity Tools?

The answer is simple, to demand creativity when the occasion calls for it. I hate guesswork, and I hate it, even more, when I make a significant amount of progress or gains and have no idea how I did it or don’t know how to repeat it. Mastering a few creativity tools or techniques will allow you to come up with fresh ideas when everyone else is scratching their head, or you can save your precious time by solving problems faster than relying on mere guesswork or trial and error.

The Creativity Technique

The creativity technique I will share with you today is known as SCAMPER. It’s a mnemonic for:

  • Substitute
  • Combine
  • Adapt
  • Modify
  • Put to another use
  • Eliminate
  • Reverse

You necessarily don’t have to perform all 7 of the above, but they usually lead to fascinating ideas, solutions or thoughts that might not have been so apparent or deem possible. You can use SCAMPER in all walks of life. From marketing, design, to various pipelines your company or industry might be using. If you wrote a book or even a simple article, if you apply the SCAMPER technique to dig more into it, you will find fascinating and critical insights that will change the outcome of the problem or the product you are trying to improve.

Here’s an example of the SCAMPER technique applied to the 5 Pillars of Success book cover.


I could replace the image used on the cover with something else. Perhaps, the cover would look better on a plain dark background with just the arrow pointing up.


Maybe I can combine the texts “5 Pillars of” with “Success” and twist the word Success to create a 3D effect.


Perhaps, the current cover is dull. What if I could take a look at one of the Playboy magazine covers and derived a new cover for this book using a beautiful girl on the cover. Would that get people’s attention?


The author’s name Roosevelt Purification feels somewhat small. It’s as if the book has a more significant authority than the author himself. Perhaps, the font size of the author’s name can be modified to make it larger.

Put to Another Use

5 Pillars of Success was initially written to help people in general who wants to gain more success in life. However, this could be limiting its market potential. Perhaps, 5 Pillars of Success could be adapted, and more derivations can be created to address the needs of various niches. Such as 5 Pillars of Success for Dating, 5 Pillars of Success in Weight Loss or 5 Pillars of Success in Becoming a Millionaire, etc.


The image on the cover has too many things going on, and it’s not talking to any specific audience. Perhaps, we can replace that image with a solid call to action.


What if we reversed the contents of the book? What if the author name was on the top, in big bold font, followed by the quote and the book title? Would it change the look and the feel of the book?

As you can see, with SCAMPER you can come up with some cool ideas in a very short amount of time. You necessarily don’t have to apply it just one. You can also focus on specific areas of a product to refine it even more. So, in this example, I could use the SCAMPER technique to the book title, its logo, specific chapters, chapter titles, paragraphs, and so on.

If you are curious, after applying the SCAMPER technique on the book cover, here’s what the new cover looks like. What do you think? Which cover do you like the best?

Original Cover:

Original Cover of 5 Pillars of Success by Roosevelt Purification

New Cover Derived from SCAMPER Creativity Technique:

Book Cover for the 5 Pillars of Success Book by Roosevelt Purification

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