Formal education will make you a living; self-education will make you a fortune.

— Jim Rohn
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Daily Habits of the Rich That Makes Them Extremely Successful

I am a firm believer that success is not a stroke of luck, but it’s due to the systematic steps that lead to success. You just don’t bake a cake out of the blue, you take individual actions to cook an excellent cake, or you end up with a poorly baked cake if you do it haphazardly. If you cultivate the following daily habits like the top 1%, you will find yourself becoming very successful in a short amount of time. The key is to hone these habits or skills as soon as possible and carry them out as often as possible.

Habit #1: Extreme Focus

Without focus, your mind will drift into the most random things in the world. You will find yourself always losing track or giving into whatever the world might throw at you. Whether it’s a project from your boss, your colleagues or a simple text alert on your phone, they will always find a way to suck your precious time if you are not careful with how you spend your time and what you focus on.

Being focused will allow you to achieve your goals much sooner than you might anticipate. You need to do a certain amount of work to achieve a specific goal. And the best way to make sure those tasks get done is by forcing yourself to learn how to focus. And I am not talking about focus for 10 minutes and forget all about it. I need you to make a promise to yourself that when you begin work, you will focus for at least 50 minutes and then take a break. Then repeat the cycle until you are satisfied or feel that you have done a lot more than you needed to do for that day!

People like the Rock, Barack Obama, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jennifer Lopez, didn’t just become favorite out of the blue. There are much more good looking and smarter people out there in the world than them. But why do you think they achieved so much success in their life? Part of is their love for hard work, and the other part is because they are still very focused on whatever goals they have in their mind. So, if you yet haven’t mastered the art of focus, you need to grab yourself a pen, paper and a timer. And daily time yourself to see how long you can hold your attention. More the better!

Your friends, family or others might come to you and say that you are way too darn serious all the time or you are just doing too much work! Being focused or working longer than usual doesn’t mean you have to become boring and dull. When you are working, work with full focus but when it’s time for a break or you are with your family and friends, let work go off your mind completely. You’ve done plenty of work in your extreme focus sessions, so, no need to burn yourself thinking about it 24/7. Have fun and when you work, work with intense focus!

Habit #2: Believe It Is Already Done or It’s Yours

Faith or the inner belief you have about anything is crucial to achieving any success in life. Can you guarantee that you will wake up tomorrow? No matter how much evidence you give me, there is a chance that something could go wrong and you could die in your sleep. But still, you choose to believe that everything will be alright tomorrow and you go to bed with a positive belief nonetheless.

Believing something that it’s already done or possible means that you are choosing to detach yourself from the obsession. If you are always focusing on your mind how a specific goal is taking too long to achieve, or why you still can’t afford your dream car, etc., all these means is, you are continually focusing your mind to the lack of not having it.

Some of the experts, athletes and many others will tell you all about the importance of regular visualization. And you will find that these folks always ask you to visualize the result. They ask you to imagine that you have already achieved your desired goal, product, or an outcome and never the part where you are working or visualizing the lack, etc. Such positive images in your mind help you focus your brain and mind on taking action. And when you are confident of the image you have in your mind, you will find that taking action becomes effortless, talking to people becomes effortless and much more.

There’s a reason why basketball players close their eyes and see themselves shooting the ball in the basket. They don’t do it willy-nilly but to cultivate their plan of attack, technique and to ultimately develop the faith or confidence in their mind that it’s already done and they can achieve this result over and over again. So, why you are not doing it already?

Admittedly, some of the people will always try to hurt your confidence by saying that these stuff doesn’t work or it’s stupid to think you have something before you physically gave it. But the reality is, you need to believe something is yours before the world will just hand it to you. Why would I invest in your product or company, when you don’t even feel confident that your business is the best and you will go the extra mile to make sure I will succeed as well?

Habit #3: Develop a Positive Attitude

Are you a negative person? Or do you always find yourself blaming others for all the issues you have in your life? Well, I just have to look into your eyes and tell you, you are wrong my friend! The world is a mean and a cruel place, but it’s also true that there are more good people out there in the world. Let me give you an example. Albert Einstein was teaching one day and wrote on the blackboard few math problems. He started out by writing out the wrong answer for the first one and 5 or 6 more questions with the correct answers. However, after he finished, most of the students told him that his first math problem was wrong or laughed at him.

To that response, Einstein said that he did it deliberately to make a point. He said that, even though rest of his answers were correct, we still choose to focus on the negative and don’t see the right things most people do on a daily basis.

So, don’t stress too much about the negative people in your life. Choose to move on quickly and focus on the people who are good to you. You will experience negative things plenty of times in your life but once you develop the skills to ignore them entirely or at least not let them get in your way of taking action, you will become a much happier and a successful man. And when other people see how fortunate you are and how your energy vibrates with positive energy, they too will be highly attracted to you and become a fan of the things you want to accomplish as well.

Note, I am not asking you to let people screw you over or don’t defend yourself when you are dealing with a terrible individual. But I am asking you to let them go from your mind as soon as you can so that you can focus on doing the things that will bring success to your life, relationships, and goals.

Habit #4: Learn New Positive Materials Daily

If you have come this far in the article, then I already know you are or have the potential to become one of the top 1%. Surely, we top 1% are geniuses, or we have access to cool things you or others might dream of having. But what sets these top 1% apart from the rest is that we love to read! Tao Lopez is quite famous in the business world. And he gave a great analogy to why reading is fun and should be your daily habit.

Imagine, you are in a hospital, and you need to go through a surgery to survive. Wouldn’t you want a doctor who is mentally fit, focused and read or practiced the stuff before you let him operate on you? Same with your audience and customers. They will not just buy from you or hire you because you make promises. They want to see the evidence of your success, and the best way to show those proof is by learning new materials and applying them daily in your own life or to your friends, family, customers, etc.

People like Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, or the Google geniuses weren’t just business savvy, they know about colors, psychology, marketing, investment, science, chemistry, society and a whole lot more than an average person does. There’s a reason why Bill Gates lock himself up with 100s of books on various topics. He understands that reading allows him to broaden his perspectives and new knowledge gives him insights into different things and allows him to build new things outside of his services at Microsoft.

Undoubtedly, learning or reading a new book daily could be challenging. But no one is asking you to finish a book in a day. If you read a book a month, you will be miles ahead regarding knowledge or insights compared to your competition or any average joes out there. So, don’t limit yourself to just a college degree. Read more stuff and fill your brain with new information that might give you an edge in business and life.

Habit #5: Focus On One Thing At a Time

Being focused alone is the best habit to cultivate. However, most people, especially entrepreneurs find themselves in situations where they are trying to do a lot of things all at once. This poor habit not only affects your focus but you might see yourself jumping from one thing to another. But if you focus on one thing at a time, it will allow you to get that thing off your list and move on to the next step.

Focusing on one thing is not asking you to do that for the rest of your life. But you want to focus on it long enough to see a significant amount of progress. The book, The ONE Thing by Gary Keller is an excellent resource to shape your mind to stop multitasking and setting too many goals or subgoals all at once. The author gave the example of Bill Gates in his book. He mentioned that Bill Gates focused on his Windows software first. Then he focused on getting the software sponsored by one company first. Later, Gates focused on his one philanthropy organization. You don’t see Gates trying to run multiple businesses or all these projects all at once. He focuses on one project at a time, and when a project has gained a significant amount of mileage, and he doesn’t need to be directly involved, he moves on to another project and gives his full focus to the new plan.

Look at the movie stars. Do you see them working in more than 2 or 3 movies at a time or making social media presence while they have work going on? Chances are they don’t. They usually focus on something new after the current project is done. So, same with you. If you want to achieve a significant amount of success in life, you have to start out by focusing on one project at a time and move to something new once that goal is entirely off your list!

You might argue that you are just one guy or you can’t hire someone at the moment to take care of something else. For example, you might be doing marketing, account setup, billing, and everything all by yourself. That’s great if you can do them effortlessly but if you are burning out or doing them haphazardly, then you need to focus on that one thing that will bring maximum success to your business.

For example, an information product probably requires a right amount of focus on the product content and the marketing message. So, you can ignore all the fancy tools or designs for now and focus on what matters most, connect to your customers and asking them to buy your stuff. And once you have that going well and you have money coming in, focus on hiring someone to create a gorgeous layout for your business, etc.

Similarly, if you are selling software as a service, then obviously, your software or the service you provide needs to become your top priority. Don’t worry about random things at this stage, focus on building a product that solves a particular problem and once you have a good user base going and you have money rolling in, focus on hiring someone to take care of packaging, integrating more payment methods, phone support, etc.

So, as you can see being successful does require you to commit yourself fully to that particular goal. And if you adopt the above habits in your life, you too will become highly successful in whatever endeavor you might have!

Comment below and let me know how you feel about this article? What things will you do right now to make a positive change in your life?

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