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How to Set Powerful Goals

5 Mistakes to Avoid While Setting The New Year’s Resolutions

The holiday season, the Christmas and also the New Years is an excellent time for us to get together with our families and enjoy life. Some of us even take this opportunity to set new goals and rejoice all that we have accomplished so far. If you want to start off your new years strong, then read this article. Setting random goals or weak goals will not serve you, and you probably will forget all about your goals within 3 or 4 days. Read this article and discover what mistakes you should avoid when setting your goals for the next year!

A weak goal is weak! A goal with limited juice will keep you excited for few days but when the juice runs out, you will find yourself dreading whatever you are dreading right now, or you might see yourself living a comfortable but a mediocre life. But if you want to break free and do some significant damage (in a good way) next year, then avoid these costly mistakes.

I have been in your shoes year after year. New years come, I set goals, first few days if not weeks I am excited and life happens. All kinds of hell break loose, and I find myself back into a deadly circle. So, avoid my mistakes and recognize the following mistakes:

Mistake #1: Trying to Do Too Many Things

Look, it’s easy to get bored of doing just one thing, or it’s easy to look at your planner and feel empty because there is only one goal listed. You indeed can focus on many things and work on a lot of stuff every day, but if your energy, time and commitment aren’t there, then it’s best to focus on one thing at a time. You don’t have to complete something all the way through before you move on to something new. The bare minimum you should aim for is that you do something so many times that it becomes a habit and doesn’t require too much conscious effort from you.

Say, you want to lose weight for the new year. Losing weight consists of eating right, doing exercise and regularly checking with a doctor to make sure you are healthy. But if you never ate right or never exercised before then all these changes will demand a lot from you if you try to pursue them all at once. But focus on building each habit one at a time, and before you know it, everything will feel natural and comfortable! Just look at how long this article is. There were days I hated writing and let alone writing a 1,000+ word long article. But now, it feels easy and natural because I practiced and wrote enough for my mind and brain to catch up and stick to this standard!

I tried to pursue many things all at once in my life. I did get good results, but they didn’t fulfill me because I gave up on all of them because the sheer volume of work overwhelmed me. But if I had focused on one thing at a time, I would be able to pursue them quickly once the efforts became a habit rather than a chore.

Mistake #2: Setting SMART Goals

SMART goals is an excellent way to limit yourself and live a mediocre life if not poverty. SMART goals are great if you are not setting any goals, but if you want significant changes in your life, then you need to stretch a bit further. A goal should always keep you motivated and excited. Don’t worry about whether you will reach it or not. But extend your goals far enough to keep you excited. Always keep saying to yourself, what would happen if you made it happen?

I have been there! Set SMART goals and work hard to achieve them. But as soon as I reached them, my excitement would die or the halfway I’d lose interest because they lacked the juice I needed to keep going. But when I started to set ridiculous goals, the level of my actions grew significantly, and I was doing things beyond my wildest dreams!

Some folks are die-hard fans of SMART goals, and it’s working great for them. If you are one of those SMART folks then more power to you. But I am willing to bet that you will do much better and you will achieve more in life if you aim for something really out of the ordinary. Elon Musk has goals to fly to Mars and make it easy for us to go for a vacation in the outer space. That’s nowhere near a SMART goal, but yet it’s attainable! So, don’t limit yourself but go big!

Mistake #3: You Are Not Committed

A solid goal will definitely make you successful no matter what. But if you set exciting goals and leaving halfway, it means you did set a goal but didn’t set the intent to commit yourself to that goal fully. You need to be able to make it clear to yourself that it’s serious business and the goal you are setting will demand a bit of time and effort on your part. If you are not excited or feel hesitant, then it means your goal isn’t big enough! If you stretch your goals and focus on the benefits you will get after you reach your goal, it will automatically increase your commitment. But sometimes we forget, so a daily review of your commitment or the benefits of your goal will keep you focused.

Any success you will see in life came out of a long-term commitment! Lots of things nowadays promise you quick or easy results. Admittedly, losing weight in 30 days is fast, finding your soulmate with a push of a button is easy but you need to be committed during the 30 days or after you push that button to reach your goal! So, don’t just set goals but check yourself and see how committed you are to achieve that goal on a daily basis. And if you are not fully committed, set bigger goals!

Mistake #4: You Are Not Journaling / Tracking Daily

Journaling and a habit of writing down your goals alone can make a huge difference in your life. But the real power comes when you review your goals daily in the morning, at night and quickly reflect on why you failed to achieve something and what you can do better. It’s easy to get lazy or get caught up with other things in life. But if you just spend one hr in the morning and one hr in the evening to review your goals and your progress, you will go much further in life.

This habit will keep you focused, help you learn from your mistakes and will help you see a trend of concerning what brings you success. Think of it like working out in the gym. If you don’t keep track of what weights you use or how many reps you do, how do you know you are making any progress?

Some people might give the excuse that they are way too busy with their lives and don’t have time for this mumbo-jumbo. Well, that didn’t stop people like Bill Gates, Jim Rohn or Tony Robbins from journaling on a regular basis. These guys are not just successful concerning money but in all aspects of life!

Mistake #5: You Are Hanging Out With the Wrong Crowd

Of course, you love your friends and family! But if your friends are not helping you succeed or holding you back (whether they know it or not), you may want to rethink your social circle. I am not suggesting that your immediate circle is wrong in any way. But studies show that who you hang out with dramatically influences your standards, goals and how much money you make. So, if you want to achieve a certain level of success in life, it makes sense to try to befriend people who are already there. Not only you will have a friend, but they can guide you to achieve more in life.

There is a saying that, who you hang out with is who you become. Or “birds of a feather flock together.” So, look at your immediate circle and see what kind of standards they have. Are they as thriving and ambitious as you? Are they living the lifestyle you want to live? If yes then that’s great otherwise it’s time to make some new friends!

It might be difficult for you to leave your friends or say no to a family member. I will not force you to leave your family or friends altogether, but I will recommend you to rethink your priorities. What is more important to you five years, ten years and even 20 years from now. It’s possible that in future these friends of yours might not also be around. So, decide to either get them to see your vision or limit your time and make more time for people who are like-minded and values your goals and ambitions.

As you can see, writing a goal alone isn’t enough, and you need to do some extra work to make it happen. I set many goals, failed and learned it the hard way. But I hope that you will learn from my mistakes, and this article will help you see goals and the new years resolution from a fresh perspective. Best of luck and start strong!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays Folks!

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